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The Shielding Forum (TSF) was setup by NII (now ONR) over 20 years ago. It was viewed as the radiation shielding equivalent of the WPC (Working Party on Criticality) with founding members taken from the nuclear industry's site licensees and code developers. The forum's aim was to facilitate sharing of good practice in radiation shielding across industry.

NII transferred the running of the forum to industry. BNFL (now Sellafield Ltd) were historically the main organisers of the forum and provided two long-standing chairs and numerous secretaries.  ONR and Sellafield Ltd have continued to be active members of the forum ever since.

The forum has met twice a year since its formation and over recent years normally meets at the ANSWERS Seminar in May and in the North West in November. In addition to the regular meetings it has also arranged a number of training events for its member organisations e.g. workshops on topics of shared interest such as ALARP and analytical calculations. 

Over the years the forum has evolved in line with the industry and so now includes a much wider range of membership, including private companies who regularly practice radiation shielding, intelligent customers and even a non-UK member. 

The Shielding Forum's core aim to facilitate sharing of good practice across industry has remained the same, but it is now involved in a wider range of activities across radiation protection in the UK. For example, it supports an MSc in Nuclear Science & Technology run by the Nuclear Technology Education Consortium (NTEC) and has collaborated with the Society for Radiological Protection (SRP) in providing radiation shielding awareness to the UK's radiological protection community.


The TSF has had numerous chairs and secretaries over the past 20 years. The chair is supported by vice chair and secretary roles. TSF is a non profit organisation, all roles are voluntary and performed along side existing work commitments.

If you would like to learn more about the Shielding Forum or would like to know about our upcoming meetings and events please contact the TSF secretary at


Anton Murfin
National Nuclear Laboratory

Chair Person - 2021 to date

liz holland tsf website_edited.jpg

Liz Holland
Nuclear Transport Solutions

Vice Chair - 2021 to date 


Secretary & Vicechair 
Joe Scott
Abbott Risk Consulting

Secretary - 2021 to date 

Denis Allen - Jacobs

Treasurer - 2021 to date

Previous Chairs:

Daniel Cork - Cerberus Nuclear

TSF Chair: 2018 - 2021

Adrian Chewter - Orano

TSF Chair: 2016 - 2018

Andrew Cooper - Sellafield Ltd 

TSF Chair: 2006 - 2016

John Hobson - BNFL

TSF Chair: 2000 - 2006

Dave Simister - NII/ONR

TSF Chair: 1999

Previous Vice Chairs, Secretaries & Treasurers:

Steve Wall - Jacobs

Justin Howarth - Sellafield Ltd

Anton Murfin - Sellafield Ltd 

Adrian Chewter - Sellafield Ltd

Richard Haley - Nuclear Technologies

Simon Warburton - NII/ONR

Andrew Cooper - BNFL

Chris Smith - AEA-T

Malcolm McPhail - NII/ONR

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