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TSF 46 Online Members Meeting

The Shielding Forum held its first online members meeting. An online format was chosen due to the recent travel and meeting restrictions due to the COVID19 outbreak.

Attendees from across the UK as well as Canada, United States and France attended the evening meeting.

Member representatives from the organisations Cerberus Nuclear, EDF Energy, Edvance, BAES, Cavendish Nuclear, Orano Projects, Kinectrics, UKAEA, Rolls Royce, Jacobs, SRP and ONR were in attendance.

"A big thank you to all attendees of TSF46, online engagement from members far exceeded expectations and we would just like to thank everyone for their contributions during the meeting."

One of the key topic discussed was the proposed 2021 Shielding Awareness Course which will be a collaboration between TSF and the Society of Radiological Protection (SRP).

Our next members meeting is currently due to be held in November 2020 at the ANSWERS Seminar.



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